Solar Wiki

Solarwiki was made for a particular demand: translate in italian language one of the most esteemed generic role playing game. Created by Eero Tuovinen, from The Shadow of Yesterday by Clinton R. Nixon, this system was built as a framework for all types of adventures, from classic fantasy to hard sci-fi.

Solar System is an engine for adventure and drama: characters change and grow, while changing the world around them with their actions.

Solar System is distributed with Creative Commons license, according to the original purpose of the author: that everyone could read and play the game, and enjoy it!
So, we decided to widen the space provided, and host the (original) English and German version of the game.

Solarwiki is a "living document", which may be continually edited and updated by the community.

Enter the Solar System

This is only a temporany homepage, there's a lot of work to do!