The World Of Near

The World of Near

By Eero Tuovinen

Based on THE SHADOW OF YESTERDAY, © Clinton R. Nixon 2005, (recovered 1.5.2009). Compiled and edited by Eero Tuovinen. Illustrations, cover art and graphic design by Jari Tuovinen. Illustrations and cover art adapted from Public Domain artwork, mainly by Gustave Dorè and Ignazio Danti. The cover art is titled "Witch Woman Bringing Ruin to Near At the Dawn Of the Second Wolf Age (With Hidden Passengers); Foreign Magician Desperate, Golden Emperor Defiant" Published by Arkenstone Publishing, Finland © Arkenstone Publishing, 2009 Printed by McNaughton & Gunn, Michigan ISBN 978-952-99414-6-9 (book) ISBN 978-952-99414-7-6 (PDF)

All textual portions of this work are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license: In practice this means that you're welcome to use this material in your own projects any way you like, heeding good taste and attributing your sources appropriately. This goes for commercial projects as well as freely distributed ones.